Book Collections

Dear parents, on Monday May 18th we hope, with the easing of restrictions, to facilitate the collection of school books and resources to assist in the delivery of home tuition. Please read the guidelines below which will provide a picture of how we intend this process to play itself out. NOTE: Please TAKE NOTE of your selected time upon submission as there is not the capability to be notified of this.

The form below will be used to schedule a window of time for collection of your child's school books to assist with home tuition. In the interest of safety and efficiency we ask the following:

1. Please bring a bag into which your child's books can be placed.

2. We should make every effort to maintain a strict social distance of 2m. Only one parent is permitted into a classroom at a time. In the case of Mr Percy and Ms Ryan's room, please wait patiently in the foyer until the room is vacated. In the case of Ms Bergin's parents should wait at the steps of the ramp allowing sufficient space for a parent to exit, prior to entering her classroom.

3. Parents may collect children's books of a family friend. In instances where this occurs teachers will take a note of whose books have been collected and by whom. Also, in such a case please fill out the relevant details below.

4. Ms Fogarty will have packs ready for parents whose children are in receipt of additional support.

5.We kindly request that the books are taken good care of as they will need to be returned at the end of June. At such time we will audit our stocks and ensure we are ready for the 2020/2021 academic year.

5. Please select ONE TIME ONLY to collect the books from the school. We will aim to conduct this process as efficiently as possible with your cooperation. The options included in the form are laid out in 3 blocks i.e. 12pm-1pm, 1pm-2pm and 2pm-3pm. Please pick one only.